Vishwamangal Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd. (VBPL) is a Private Limited Company having it’s corporate office in Surat, Gujarat, India.

The company is engaged in Television Broadcasting and broadcast’s India’s leading socio-spiritual-cultural television channels. The company currently has a network of three 24×7 television channels in this genre, namely Kartavya Tv.

These channels were launched with the objective of providing solutions for overshadowing and eliminating greed, lust and other lower instincts of man by bringing out the noble qualities. JIPL has been at the forefront in providing content, which fulfills the spiritual needs of the Gujarati Community across the world.

Kartavya TV has been telecasting most of the major events in the spiritual world from across the India as LIVE broadcasts which have been avidly appreciated by the viewers as these having been fulfilling their spiritual needs while sitting right at home.

At Kartavya TV, we believe that in today’s changing world, technology is a key factor for the survival of any business venture. The rapid development and the growing need of the people for better and easier lifestyle have made technology a prerequisite for simpler life. Hence, the company has constantly endeavored to imbibe and implement the latest technology available in the television broadcasting industry. Kartavya TV uses modern and reliable technology offering superior picture and sound quality, thus making an indelible impact on its vast and dispersed target audience. For this the company has strategic tie-ups with industry


D-LIVE || Shrimad Bhagwat Katha || Pu Gautambhai acharya || Vadaj, Ahmedabad || Day 04

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D-LIVE || Shrimad Devipuran Katha || Pu MaiBhakt Saritadeviji || Pransli, Sutrapada || Day 04

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LIVE || Nitya Prath Katha || Brahmaswarupdasji Swami || Vadtal, Gujarat

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